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Check31 answers Number(From 1 to 31) that you (Of course, the other party also :. ) imagined in the head. First of all, you must try. The person who doesn't know the mechanism is surely surprised. It is an application program that received a fevoreble reception because of the examination distribution. 

1.One favorite Number from 1 to 31 is imagined in your head.
2.Check31 is started. 
3.It tap ”YES”Button if there is a Number that you imagined in five displayed cards. It tap ”NO”Button in case of not being. 
4.When you finish answering five cards, Amazing! The Number that you imagined is displayed. 

The favorite number that the other party similarly imagined can be answerd. 
If they are Numbers up to 31 such as the ages(Up to 31 years old.....) or birthdays, etc....... anything is OK. It is possible to enjoy it by the party and the drinking house etc. The usage is your [ji]. 




 同じように相手が思い浮かべた31までの数字なら何でも当てることができます。例えば、誕生日や年齢(31歳までですが.....)を聞き出したりできるのでパーティーや飲み屋さんなんかで楽しめますよ! 使い方はあなた次第!

ピクチャ 2.png

First card photo:
16 numbers a card are displayed like this. 
If there is an imaginary Number, it tap YES, and a tap in case of not being as for NO. 
Five cards in all are similarly answered. 

When you make 19 an example.
1st card tap [YES], 2nd card[YES], 3rd card[NO], 4th card[No], 5th card[YES] taped.



ピクチャ 3.png

The figure that you imagined that it answers by five cards is displayed. 
The other party is done the same thing. Then, the other party is surprised for the Number that the other party imagined to be displayed. 


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